Sunday, July 12, 2009

Small Steps: Big Impact-- Razors

Switch your disposable razors for one with a replaceable head to reduce waste. Or better yet, switch to an electric razor so you aren't throwing anything away.

I just switched to a razor with a replaceable head, but I'm thinking I may go to electric soon. I think it would be more convenient as Doodlebug has a limited lack-of-attention span and my showers are pretty rushed.


  1. hmmm never thought about an electric razor! this is a great idea. thanks!

  2. Yay for Small Steps: Big Impact posts! Please sont stop writing them. They're the best. Love this blog. Keep going girlie :D

    I have one too. Instead of buying toys that the kids are going to get bored with and throw away, remind them of their ever-present imagination with an adventure mission. Send them into space and tell them to find items to rebuild their spaceship so that they can get home. Kids like this kind of play, well I know I did (and still do). I'm going to write a blog post about it, it's cool.

    I'm following you now. Please keep going.


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