Saturday, August 22, 2009

A Graduation Party and How I Feel About Eco-Fina

photo credit: CarbonNYC
Today my amazing husband threw me a graduation party. That's right people: I'm a Bachelor Degreed mama now! And I graduated at the top of my class in my major (Child and Family Studies), even though at the end I dealt with the deployment of my husband and the birth of our daughter in the middle the semester. I'm pretty stinkin' proud of myself. They asked me to make a speech at graduation, which I declined to do, because I didn't want to walk across the stage. All I wanted was a party... which was awesome!

Anyway, Eco-fina... Since I turned "crunchy" I decided that any parties we had I would just fill up the sink and have everybody wash their own plate so we didn't have to use disposables and nobody would be stuck with all the dishes at the end. Today, however, we had our party outside, so we used disposable plates and utensils. A lot of people complain about how companies promote how "green" their disposable products are, when it would be greener to just not use them. But today I was glad that I had the option to use "greener" disposables: biodegradeable, recycled plates and recycled plastic silverware. It's not something I do often, but I'm glad that I have light green options as opposed to... I dunno... brown options?

How does this equate with Eco-fina? Well, lately I have seen a lot of controversy about the Eco-fina bottles that use less plastic. Yes, I know... people shouldn't drink bottled water in the first place. But there are people who are going to drink it no matter what you say about the environment, and I hope that those people drink Eco-fina.

I think there are shades of green, and while it is best to be a dark, hunter green (cloth toilet paper and solar panels kind of green), some of us are a lighter forest green, and some are light green and drink out of Eco-fina water bottles. It's still better than the conventional ones.


  1. While I love your point about being different shades of green Eco-Fina bothers me to no end. The fact that it says recyclable is one thing. All bottled water is recyclable. How hard would it really be for them to make the bottle RECYCLED.

    I guess if it's that or normal bottled water it's better but it still bothers me as it's very greenwashed and all bottled water hurts the communities where it is bottled so I just can't stomach it.

    However at the same time I think greener throw away dishes and things like that. Honestly I wish we would outlaw bottled water.

    Again great post. :)

  2. CONGRATULATIONS from a fellow GCM mama (NovelMama). You are AMAZING. College is so hard already, and then with kids and single parenting while your hubby was deployed....holy cow, girlfriend!! You should be so very proud of yourself!!! :D

  3. Cool blog. :) I'll have to read more about why bottled water is bad. Congratulations on your graduation!

  4. Congratulations! you've accomplished something i'd love to do one day. I have such great respect for you! Have fun celebrating (cause it's not just a one-time thing!)

    ChristmasGirl (gcm)


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